About Us

Silonque Bush Estate & Spa is a holiday/residential estate founded more than 10 years ago by Dutch developers with a dream. It is bordering the world famous Kruger National Park, near the town Phalaborwa. Silonque Bush Estate & Spa offers you everything “African bush life”  is famous for. Unique surroundings, spacious houses with sufficient space inside as well as outside and a fantastic view of the African nature.

Silonque Bush Estate & Spa’s developers were inspired by nature and the unique surroundings, but also by the people that get inspired by nature. The focus is on a unique bush experience.

Silonque Bush Estate & Spa is 67 hectare and is part of the much bigger Silonque East nature reserve. There are no fences separating the different areas. This enables the wild animals to roam freely through the entire Silonque East nature reserve.

Animals that we have on Silonque Bush Estate & Spa are: impalas, warthogs, giraffes, zebras, elephants, waterbucks, different bird species.

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Phalaborwa, also called ‘the city of two summers‘ because the subtropical weather, is the only town that directly borderes Kruger NP. Phalaborwa is the home of the famous African marula tree and Amarula Cream Liqueur.  It also has great other touristic activities to offer. Tourism and wildlife play an important role in the surroundings of Phalaborwa.

Phalaborwa is situated in the north eastern Lowveld. Phalaborwa is the Sotho word for ‘better than the south’. Phalaborwa experiences high summer temperatures, with a daily average temperature of 31 degrees Celsius. The rest of the year Phalaborwa offers comfortable and pleasant weather, with warm days and cool nights. There is an average annual rainfall of about 450mm. The rainy season starts in September and lasts until April. In winter we have a dry period, there is little or no rain. All leaves will disappear but the most beautiful trees and flowers will make the nature still nice and coloured. This is also a perfect time to spot animals because the bush is very thin at this time of the year. Click here to find out what the Phalaborwa weather is today!

Phalaborwa conveniently borders the Kruger National Park. Since opening in 1961, the Phalaborwa Gate has served as a convenient entry point to the Northern and Southern areas of the Park.

You will have never a dull moment in Phalaborwa: enjoy game drives in the Kruger National Park, river safaris, have a visit at Amarula Lapa, play golf at the Merensky golf course and many more.