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Silonque Bush Estate & Spa  is a development bordering the world famous Kruger National Park, near the town Phalaborwa. Silonque Bush Estate & Spa offers you everything African bush life is famous for.

Silonque Bush Estate & Spa’s developers were inspired by nature and the unique surroundings but also by the people that get inspired by nature. The focus is on a unique experience.

Silonque Bush Estate & Spa is 67 hectare part of the 2000 hectare Silonque East Nature Reserve. Silonque Bush Estate offers plots with a minimum of one hectare (10.000m²) on which can be build. There are no fences separating the different areas. This enables the wild animals to roam freely through the entire Silonque East Nature Reserve.

Animals on Silonque Bush Estate & Spa are a.o.:

Logo_hornes Impala’s
Logo_hornes Warthogs
Logo_hornes Giraffe
Logo_hornes Zebra
Logo_hornes Elephant
Logo_hornes Waterbucks
Logo_hornes Kudus
Logo_hornes Porcupine
Logo_hornes Different bird species

Impala and Oxpecker

The plots vary in size and position enabling potential buyers to select the plot that addresses their needs. Some plots have a unique view onto the famous Masorini Mountain (590m) in the Kruger National Park. Others have a spectacular view on Mount Shikumbu (494m). The senior headman of the Mojelo, a sub-group of the Sotho speaking Ba-Palaborwa people stayed at Shikumbu, while the lesser chiefs lived at the other two hills nearby. Because the chief lived at Shikumbu, legend dictates that you are not allowed to point at these “koppies”. Something that will be very difficult with such an impressive view.

Flexible yet strict architectural guidelines will ensure that the aesthetics and authenticity of the Estate will not be compromised and that the privacy of the home owners is guaranteed. The guidelines are related to:

  • Position of the house on the plot
  • The use of materials
  • The use of colors
  • Size (width and height) of the building

A document with the full set of guidelines will be published shortly.

When you consider buying a property on Silonque Bush Estate & Spa, there are three different options:

  • You buy a plot and choose one of the available model houses that Silonque Bush Estate & Spa offers
  • You buy a plot and agree with Silonque Bush Estate & Spa on a model
  • You buy one of the existing houses on the estate

Some facts regarding Silonque Bush Estate & Spa:

  • Bordering the world famous Kruger National Park
  • Estate size 67 hectare part of a 2000 hectare Nature Reserve
  • Minimum plot size of 1 hectare (10,000 m2)
  • Two big communal swimming pools
  • Approximately 5,5 hour drive from Johannesburg
  • Daily flights from and to Johannesburg
  • 3 flights a week between Capetown and Hoedspruit (1 hour drive from Phalaborwa)
  • 24 hours security and management on site
  • All facilities of Phalaborwa within a 20 minute drive (Private hospital, dentist, pharmacy, shopping mall, schools, restaurants, Phalaborwa Kruger Park gate)
  • Silonque Bush Estate game lodge that can accommodate 20+ persons
  • Wildlife roaming freely on the estate

Live life to the rhythm of African time!

For up to date status, please contact us directly.