Did you know…?

Logo_hornes Phalaborwa the ONLY town is with an entrance to the Kruger National Park.

Logo_hornes At a 2 minutes’ drive from the exit of Kruger park we have lovely restaurants, big supermarkets and a nice mall.

Logo_hornes There are 3 flights a day between Jo’burg and Phalaborwa

Logo_hornes Silonque Bush Estate & Spa can host up to 28 persons sharing! For R14,000 per night you have the whole park for yourself, imagine that…!

South African Traffic info:
If you are a non-South African, it is good to know that you always need to consider the following:
Logo_hornes Keep left, pass right

Logo_hornes As a general rule, when you approach a 4-way stop, the first person to reach the intersection has right of way.  If you reach the intersection at the same time as someone else, then the person on the right has right of way.

Logo_hornes POTHOLES, these are holes in (tar)roads. They exist because lack of maintenance and heavy rain fall. Be careful when you see the sign ‘Potholes’, there are some deep ones in the roads.

Logo_hornes Petrol/Fuel Stations are mostly open 24 hours and spread along all the routes. They are not self-help, but manned by attendants who can also check oil, water and tyre pressure if required.  Gratuities for this service are at your own discretion.
More info: arrivealive.co.za