Total relaxation and Kruger National Park as backyard. Those are the things Silonque Bush Estate & Spa is the most famous for. Off course we offer a lot more! To start with the houses. Our houses are luxury, spacious and private; all the ingredients you need for a comfortable stay.

Our luxury 3 bedroom house, with total privacy

Impala's by waterhole

Besides our two swimming pools and tennis court, Silonque Bush Estate & Spa offers you the full South African experience. During daytime you can enjoy the birds, warthogs, impalas and all other animals that roam freely on the estate. During nighttime you are able to hear the lions roaring from Kruger National Park and maybe even a hyena or elephants. 

Whartogs by waterhole

Kruger National Park covers almost 19,000 km2 and extends 360 km from north to south and 65 km from east to west. It was established in 1893 to protect the wildlife of the South African Lowveld. The park is home to an incredible number of species such as 49 different fish, 500 different birds and over 145 mammal species, including the ‘Big Five’.

The huge diversity of animals in the park, makes a safari an incredible experience. If you ever wanted to see the Big Five, this is your chance.

There are several safaris such as morning and evening safaris and full day safaris in an open vehicle. There is also the option to do a walking safari accompanied by a ranger. A riversafari on the Elephants river is also a great experience. We advise you to book your safaris in advance.

Elephants in Kruger

Driving your own car through the Kruger National Park is a cheap alternative and also a great experience.

Lion in Krugerpark

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